Lessons are available for all ages. We specialize in English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Showmanship and creating a partnership between horse and rider. We believe that in order to be successful in any discipline a rider must understand WHY they do things the way they do and HOW all of their actions effect their horse. We also believe that in order to be a true horseman you need to know more than just how to get on and go. Care taking, groundwork, and general knowledge are just as important in order to really understand a horse and excel in your partnership.


One of our passions is working with youth. You will find children around most of the time at the ranch, as we have three of our own. Our youth are our future. We know the amazing impact horses and the equestrian life can have on anyone and especially youth. Horses provide an avenue to learn self confidence, communication skills, team work, goal setting, problem solving, creativity, work ethic and I could go on and on. That is why we will be offering many programs centered towards youth and helping them grow by providing opportunities to experience every aspect of this amazing world.









Private Approx. 1 Hour Lesson ~   $35

Double Approx. 1 Hour Lesson ~   $25 ea

*Family Discount Available


I believe that students have more opportunity to learn and have more fun with Double Lessons. I will work with all my students to pair them up with other students of similar age and abilities.